Quotation Engineer

Quotations and supporting documents

We assist our customers in the preparation of quotations and associated supporting documents. This work requires a strong technical understanding of the product. Quotation Engineers must work in and navigate the area where technology and business dealings intersect, and most will probably therefore have a technology-related degree with a strong element of business interest, or a degree in Supply Chain Management. In many cases, supplier contacts form an important part of the work, and business acumen is therefore an important tool for a Quotation Engineer.

Technical Salesperson

A technical resource

A technical resource is often needed in our customers’ sales organisation, where the work often involves technically advanced products or products that are adapted to the customer's specific requirements. The role of Technical Salesperson often involves working in sales project teams, but with a strong link to the company’s engineering department.

Material Planning for Purchasing

The right place at the right time

When customers' products are about to go into production, it is important to ensure that the right materials are available in the right place at the right time. It may be necessary to undertake material planning for high or low volume production, with both aspects entailing specific challenges.

Strategic Purchasing

Developing the supplier base with supplier qualification

The role of Strategic Buyer involves the management of either limited categories or entire product ranges, and the work is focused on developing the supplier base with supplier qualification and undertaking negotiations to ensure the existence of relevant documentation against which orders or call-offs can be placed.  This role involves daily contact with both the development team and suppliers.

Technical Purchasing

Product development or customisation

A Technical Buyer is part of the purchasing organisation and often works with products that have a strong technical content. In many cases it is a matter of working with product development or customised solutions, which means that the technical perspective is of great importance.

Project Purchasing

Working in a team

The role of Project Buyer involves working in a specific team.


Finding suppliers

This role involves finding suppliers in order to broaden the supplier base, or in connection with the development of new products.

Purchasing Specialist

Matching unique experience with specific needs

The role of Purchasing Specialist involves providing specialist expertise to customers within specific industries/sectors, specific products or the company's own procurement processes. For this role it is important to match an individual’s unique experience with the customer’s specific needs.

SQE – Supplier Quality Engineer

Monitoring quality requirements

This quality-oriented role involves working with supplier qualification and monitoring suppliers to ensure that they meet the quality requirements of the relevant company/product/industry/sector.

Production Planning

For many of our customers, production is the beating heart of their business. We have consultants in this area who can help create the best conditions for ensuring that the flow to the customer proceeds in the best possible manner. We work with focus areas such as delivery reliability, delivery quality, optimisation of production economics, matching against sales forecasts and much more.

Production Optimisation

Analysing and studying the production environment

With our production optimisation services, we help customers analyse and study the production environment in order to identify potential improvements in productivity, quality and safety. In this area it is important to have a good understanding of each unique production process in order to identify relevant and effective measures. After the measurement and analysis process, we assist with the realisation of measures that can range from minor adjustments to major redevelopment projects.


When? Where? How? – These questions are central to the logistics challenges that we and our customers face. Sigma provides assistance in the form of both operational and strategic resources, as well as reinforcement of our customers’ existing skills and knowledge. Logistics is often a complex puzzle with many potential disruptions and external influences, but it is also an important cog in the wheel of a well-functioning business with regard to both incoming material deliveries and outgoing product shipments. On any given day, the challenge at hand could involve urgent deliveries that need to arrive as quickly as possible, or 5-year contracts that need to be secured for the purpose of long-term security. Where will your next challenge lie?