Dimensioning and Calculations

Ensuring the right size at system and component level

In order to optimise your product and utilise the right capacity, we can help you with the dimensioning of your system and your products. Correct dimensioning is important from both a safety and cost perspective. We make sure that your systems meet all applicable requirements and are fully utilised.

Circuit Diagrams

Design, drawing, review

We can help you whatever your needs. We have electrical designers at all levels, from junior designers who can assist you with more basic tasks, to experts who can support you with specialist expertise.


Creating future value

We know what type of documentation is needed for your particular machine or plant. We always deliver correct documentation, and we can also help customers produce correct documentation at any time. Different requirements apply depending on a number of parameters – just ask and we will be pleased to help you identify what you need.

Machine Safety

Ensuring safety for you and your customers

These days, machinery and plant are subject to stringent safety requirements. We have experts who work with such safety aspects on a daily basis. Do you need assistance with risk analysis, safety level calculations, safety system documentation, safety component selection or safety-related PLC programming? We can help you! 

Test Documentation

Which tests should you perform?

There are requirements that certain tests must always be performed and documented before a machine or installation is put into operation, although more extensive tests may be justified in many situations. We can help you identify which tests you should perform, and we can assist you in producing documentation for the tests that are right for you.


Old or new

Do you have old drawings and products and feel unsure if they meet today’s requirements, or would you like a second opinion regarding your new ones? We would be pleased to assist with the review of supporting documentation and/or physical inspection of machinery and plant.