Investment Projects

Major or minor investments that need to be managed

Making small or large investments can be a major decision for your company. Hiring the right consultant with years of suitable experience can help guide you to a successful investment, and we have the resources to meet your needs.

Order Projects

Ordering according to specification

Do you need help with project management for specific orders? We have the expertise necessary to ensure that the order and delivery process will be a success for your company. We provide the right project management and ensure the right delivery at the right time.

Upgrade Projects

What and how to upgrade in the best way

Do you currently have the right equipment and capacity? Could your financial outcome be improved by upgrading your machinery, methods or software? Our consultants can help you fully understand the opportunities and limitations associated with your existing or future projects.


Thinking of moving your production to another location or country?

If all or parts of your operations are to be relocated, we have the project management expertise you need. We can provide you with a project manager who understands the Swedish market while also having relevant experience of other parts of the world.

Product Development

Project managers for development projects

We can provide project managers for product development projects at all levels, from smaller projects to large industrial projects. Sigma Industry South is able to offer everything from SCRUM to certified, experienced senior-level project managers.

Installation Management

Where skills and equipment meet

Coordinating the installation or upgrade of machinery and hardware at a factory or manufacturing facility requires experience and familiarity with installation management processes. We can provide you with the right expertise, whatever the sector or industry.