New or improved design of products

You receive access to consultants with long experience of product design. Our expertise covers most industrial sectors, materials and product categories. We can undertake everything from junior assignments to senior assignments requiring specialist expertise.


3D-Cad och PDM-system

We have consultants who use all the major CAD programs on the market, in combination with all the leading PDM systems. You can receive help with everything from the day-to-day management of system models to super users of programs.

Production Drawings

Complete and quality-assured drawings

To ensure that you receive what you expect from your suppliers, you need professional drawings that have been customised in terms of cost, requirements and quality. We can provide you with drawings that are customised to your specific needs and manufacturing methods.

Testing and Verification

Production technology and quality control

Your requirements and products should be coordinated for an optimal financial outcome. We can offer everything from verification of products, materials and requirements to testing of products in production or prototypes under development.

Concept Development

Generating ideas and assimilating influences from other sectors

Do you need help in taking your products to the next level or gaining inspiration from other sectors? Our consultants have experience from all corners of the industrial world and know how to assimilate and utilise cross-sector influences as a source of inspiration.

Expertise in Materials

Specialists regarding requirements and specifications

Your products are constantly faced with new statutory and environmental requirements that impose stringent demands on the right choice of materials. We can help you make the right choices to ensure that you meet all applicable requirements while maintaining the requisite level of product quality.

Systems Engineers

Advanced machinery and systems require an overview

Our systems engineers are used to dealing with complex systems and products where multiple factors play a role and need to interact. Our consultants possess the necessary engineering experience and can help you achieve a coherent overview of the complexity of the system as a whole.

Manufacturing Support

The process industry involves everything from pipes to diagrams

Our consultants are qualified in areas such as energy engineering, process systems and mechanical engineering. These are important elements when you need to achieve synchronised and efficient operations in the process industry.


From furniture to consumer products

Products can be adapted to meet consumer and user requirements. With the right shapes and concepts in every detail, big or small, your product can become even better with the right ergonomics. Our qualified engineers possess the necessary expertise in ergonomics and product design.

Calculations & FEM

Computer analysis and technical calculations

Our engineers can perform manual calculations or use software with the help of FEM. We can assist you with technical calculations in relation to everything from strength to life cycle analyses. Adopting the right basis for calculation will enable you to save time and money in your development work.


CFD, fluid mechanics and combustion engineering

If you are in need of advanced calculations regarding flow rates, heat development or simulations of combustion cycles, our engineers possess the necessary skills and knowledge. We can also provide complete technical reports.

Design Automation

Smart 3D modelling

Automation of modelling, drawing production processes and product information could provide you with significant efficiency gains over time. We have a number of engineers who can help you build structured and easy-to-use models for automated design.

Production Development

Do you have production-related challenges, machines in need of optimisation or flows that require planning, or do you need to achieve increased capacity? Our production engineers possess the skills and knowledge you require.

Industrial Design

Do your products lack a consistent theme? Do you have products that are selling poorly due to an out-of-date appearance? Are your solutions in need of a facelift or better coordination of functionality and design? Could your products sell better with a new look and feel, or with improved ergonomics, user experience and/or materials? Call us – our skilled industrial designers will be delighted to help!

Testing and Validation

Do you have an upcoming product launch and need to make sure that the products are of high quality? Products with quality requirements should always be tested prior to launch. We offer mechanical testing, software testing and field tests of products in their correct environment. Our experienced test engineers possess the requisite expertise to assist you with your requirements.