Young Talent

Newly graduated engineers

We can help you with permanent or temporary recruitment of young, newly graduated engineers. Our broad knowledge of the engineering industry and strong market presence ensure that you will receive the right selection of suitable candidates.

Permanent Recruitment

Permanent recruitment of experienced engineers

Do you want to pay a one-off recruitment fee and offer employment from day one? With our permanent recruitment solution, we identify and offer you engineers who are well suited to your company and the role in question, without any candidate fee. If you then decide to proceed, you employ the chosen candidate from day one, with all involved parties aware of the terms of the deal.

Temporary Recruitment

Temporary recruitment of experienced engineers on a contract basis

Are you unsure of your long-term requirements but feel that you need to recruit? With our temporary recruitment solution, we offer you candidates with employment at Sigma Industry South who can join you as a consultant on a contract basis. Then, after the agreed contract period, you take over the employment of the candidate, with all involved parties aware of the structure of the arrangement from day one.