Programming and component selection

As our customer, we can help you with programming and commissioning of control systems, operator panels or monitoring systems. Regardless of whether your requirements have to do with specialised machinery, process plant or other challenges, we have the skills and knowledge to meet your needs. We can complement your existing teams and program structures or build from scratch.

Industrial IoT

Connectivity for the future

The Internet of Things increases the competitiveness of industry in Sweden. Our experts can help you analyse and implement systems in order to create added value together.

Industry 4.0

Competitive manufacturing

Modern industry has a growing need for automation in order to maintain European competitiveness with the rest of the world. Sigma Industry South can guide and develop your systems for sound and automated manufacturing.

Robot Programming

Where autonomous systems and robots meet

Our experienced programmers can help your automation and efficiency projects to move away from manual processes. The starting point could be your existing robot, or else we can help you develop your idea into a finished robot cell.

Process Monitoring

Multi-level measurement and analysis

In today’s industry, a fully automated or semi-automated manufacturing process imposes ever increasing demands on monitoring. Let us help you correct and solve any problems that may arise.

Project Management

Management of automation projects at all levels and in all sizes

An automation project can be carried out within the existing organisation and process, or as a smaller in-house project. We can take responsibility for everything from the feasibility study to final delivery.