For our customer we are looking for a Senior Mechanical Engineer.

• You will design, build and test different mechanical parts of our product, both lab prototypes as well as automotive-grade A and B samples
• You will draft and build housings and mounting concepts for our product components
• You will make calculations and simulations on thermal load, heat budgets, active and passive cooling
• You will plan and perform specific noise, vibration and harshness testings (NVH) in automotive environments
• You make sure that our product and all its components comply with automotive standards and will support your engineering team in turning early lab protoypes into automotivegrade A and B samples
• You will become a core member of our product development team and boost the development of both hardware and embedded software components

Basic qualifications

• You have a degree (BS, MS) in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, or similar or equivalent practical experience
• Ideally you have worked as an mechanical engineer in/for the automotive industry for several years and came in touch with different electronic sensors and actuators
• You have already successfully applied mechanical designs for series products
• You have a hands-on mentality and are action-oriented rather than process-oriented, your are practical rather than theoretical
• Ideally you have experience in mechanical desigs for harsh environments, including shock, vibration with long term durability, shielding electronics with EMC/EMI considerations, designing thermal solutions

Meritorious skills, characteristics and experience

• You are experienced working on ME designs in automotive mechanics, optics, or mechatronics designs
• You have profound knowledge of materials and structural modeling/optimization, mechanical systems, and testing
• You are experienced in designing precision mechanisms and motion control
• You have solid skills in mechanical prototyping, vibration analysis, electronics assemblies, and thermal management of enclosures
• Ideally you have hands-on experience in optical module design, like lenses, mirrors, cameras, and sensors
• As an ideal candidate you have a good understanding of automotive and/or industry standards

What we offer

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Andreas Holmgren


Senior Mechanical Engineer


Calculation & Simulation, Industrial Design & Ergonomics, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing engineering incl. Logistics, Electricity & Automation, Hardware Electronics, Testing and Verification, Opto engineering, Project Management, Software development embedded systems, System design, Project Management, Software development



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